How to get Tinder more free, big need!

More free Tinder

If you're like me, you use tinder. Don't be ashamed it's normal to want to score. But pay for a dating app, on the other hand, means it nothing? So open your ears, because I found a trick to get Tinder more free!

More free Tinder
More free Tinder

Tinder is a dating app which is booming, in fact, even after its explosion between 2014 and 2015, the application continues to rise.

Regarded as revolutionary, this dating app currently has almost 100 million users, and its concept is still considered one of the best in the industry of meeting applications, by its simplicity, and its effectiveness in finding the soul sister, or sometimes, a plan of one night.

Although we like the free version, the limit of 200 daily likes is pretty frustrating, we would like to see all women/men of our region, which is impossible with only 200 likes per day.

It is for this reason I'll explain this trick to get Tinder more free!

The first step is to go to this site:

Once this is done, you must return your Tinder username, or even your email that you use when you connect to Facebook. (if you do not connect to Tinder with Facebook, put your username)

More free Tinder
More free Tinder

Then select your platform, that is to say the platform on which Tinder is installed.

You can then choose the length of the Tinder Plus subscription you want. Put a year if you do not have to redo the entire procedure all X months.

Once you put the subscription time more Tinder as well as your user name, click on "Generate". A console should appear and start the exploitation of the flaw.

This is the last step, the human verification, I know that many of you are going to get angry but imagine that people start to unlock Tinder more mass, the site would be drowned under the traffic.

Click on "Validate", a list of offer should appear on your browser. Pick one of your choice, personally I'll take the first every time. Enter your phone number, you will receive a code, enter the code and complete the offer.

Now, very IMPORTANT! Send "STOP" (Yes, in capital letters), to the number who sent you the code. In this way you will not be charged from your call credit, and you can even repeat the operation as many times as possible.

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