Download Overwatch crack

No escape, Overwatch is a big success. Blizzard has collected the best mechanics from other successful games to produce its own FPS. And it works ! Fast, dynamic and addictive, this game already seduces millions of games through the world. Download overwatch crack now and join your friends already playing !

Overwatch Crack

overwatch crack


Description :  Action game with a first-person gameplay, Overwatch takes place in a near future, in 2074 exactly. In games 6 vs 6, the player incarnates a character among those proposed. Each character has its own set of characteristics and features and a specific role : Attack, Defense, Tank or Support. The teams need to be balanced in order to be the most effective possible in goals achievements (Points capture, etc..)

  • Editor : BLIZZARD
  • Type : FPS
  • Release date : 24 may 2016
  • Multiplayer : Yes, 12 players

Incarnate a hero

Many heroes have joined Overwatch : from the adventuress fan of temporal jumps to warrior holding a reactiv hammer, through a robotic monk… Each of them is absolutely unique in its own style, and that’s only when you will have learned all their skills that you will unlock their true power.

Choose your role
Fighting in the front line, protecting your friends with an electric shield, or boosting your allies damages, each hero has got his own set of skills. You will learn to use them in coordination with your allies to obtain the victory.

Team objectives
Heroes team are fighting all around the world. The entire planet is your battlefield when you need to collect the secrets of Anubis temple or escort a electro-magnetic bom through King’s Row.


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Cheat CS:GO Multihack v8.30

Cheat CS:GO Multihack

cheat cs:go multihack

Hello ! Today a cheat for the game Counter Strike : Global Offensive that includes many useful hacks to play like a pro easily using cheat cs:go multihack !

– Triggerbot
– Aim assist
– Aimlock (Can be combined with aim assist)
– GlowESP (wallhack) – Allies (Green), Ennemies(red), Weak ennemies (blue, no flash or ammo)
– Radar Hack (See all ennemies on the map)
– Disable ennemy flash (simulate to be less spotted)
– Bunny Hop

– Left ALT – Lock manually an ennemy
– SPACE – Use the bunny hop
– F6 – Various modes of trigger
– F7 – Activate aim assist (light)
– SHIFT+F7 – Activate aim assist (head)
– F8 – Activate aim loc(light)
– SHIFT+F8 – Activate aim assist (target head and chest)
– F9 – Activate wallhack
– SHIFT+F9 – Activate radar Hack
– F10 – Activate the no flash
– F11 – Activate the bunny hop

– Works on fullscreen and window
– Disable your antivirus if it triggers it, as it hacks the game
– If the hack doesn’t work, try to click ‘Unblock’ in the .exe Properties. Execute as administrator can solve the problem, too.
– Doesn’t work on Windows XP. Upgrade your pc !


Download link :get hack

[Tutorial] XP Bot League of Legends [100% Free]

League of legends XP bot

As you know, league of legends xp bots are increasingly rare to see and that’s why i will do a complete tutorial to get a working xp bot, autonomous (auto relaunch games) and that does a quite well stuff in fights. Unfortunately i can’t send you all the addons in one zip file, with all the updates i will have to update it daily… and i don’t want to 😀 I’ll give you the links by the authors instead.


  • Elobuddy account : You need an EB (= EloBuddy) account and the software that goes aswell. It’s a script software that is 100% free that’s why we use it. You can signup here.

Ellobuddy download

  • AutoBuddy and a few addons :  We are now going to download the scripts, AutoBuddy the most important, EvadePlus also very important and the script of your champion that you will find on the EloBuffy DataBase. It is that stuff that will do the lasthit, lane clear and so on. You go on the website, for instance if you want to play Ashe, you go in the Ashe tab and you will have some scripts. Get the best at the left and click on “INSTALL”.
ashe bot

/!\ Warning ! You need to have EloBuddy installed and opened before you click on “Install” because the website will install automaticaly the script on EloBuddy.

  • And to finish, the famous VoliBot. It is the bot (not the xp bot) that will join the game and pick your champ/spells. Get it here :

Configuration and installation

  • EloBuddy : Open the software, go to the Addons tab, click on “Install an addon”, choose “AutoBuddy_BETA_Fixed.csproj” and commit. Don’t forget to check to activate it.

settings tutorial

Do the same for EvadePlus. Don’t forget to check the 3 scripts !

  • Volibot : Uncompress the zip file and open “config.ini”

[General] LauncherPath=C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\ the path to lol.launcher.exe
MaxLevel=31 Let 31 to farm without stopping
ReplaceConfig=true Set “false” if you want the game to stay fullscreen

[Account] Region=EUW Your country
BuyBoost=false if you want to buy IP boosts

[Other] ChampionPick=ashe The champ that you will use
Spell1=Barrier Your spells

For the file “accounts.txt”, you replace what’s inside by : yourusername|yourpassword|themap



  • Check that your scripts are checked
  • Check your settings in “accounts.txt” and “config.ini”
  • Start “Volibot.exe” and you will get something like this :

result on volibot

Then the game will start minimized. You just have to mute the sound and do other stuff while your xp bot works 🙂 Unfortunately you can’t play in the same time because it uses the client already.

A result of 3 hours of farm :

result of farm