[Tutorial] XP Bot League of Legends [100% Free]

League of legends XP bot

As you know, league of legends xp bots are increasingly rare to see and that’s why i will do a complete tutorial to get a working xp bot, autonomous (auto relaunch games) and that does a quite well stuff in fights. Unfortunately i can’t send you all the addons in one zip file, with all the updates i will have to update it daily… and i don’t want to 😀 I’ll give you the links by the authors instead.


  • Elobuddy account : You need an EB (= EloBuddy) account and the software that goes aswell. It’s a script software that is 100% free that’s why we use it. You can signup here.

Ellobuddy download

  • AutoBuddy and a few addons :  We are now going to download the scripts, AutoBuddy the most important, EvadePlus also very important and the script of your champion that you will find on the EloBuffy DataBase. It is that stuff that will do the lasthit, lane clear and so on. You go on the website, for instance if you want to play Ashe, you go in the Ashe tab and you will have some scripts. Get the best at the left and click on “INSTALL”.
ashe bot

/!\ Warning ! You need to have EloBuddy installed and opened before you click on “Install” because the website will install automaticaly the script on EloBuddy.

  • And to finish, the famous VoliBot. It is the bot (not the xp bot) that will join the game and pick your champ/spells. Get it here :

Configuration and installation

  • EloBuddy : Open the software, go to the Addons tab, click on “Install an addon”, choose “AutoBuddy_BETA_Fixed.csproj” and commit. Don’t forget to check to activate it.

settings tutorial

Do the same for EvadePlus. Don’t forget to check the 3 scripts !

  • Volibot : Uncompress the zip file and open “config.ini”

[General] LauncherPath=C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\ the path to lol.launcher.exe
MaxLevel=31 Let 31 to farm without stopping
ReplaceConfig=true Set “false” if you want the game to stay fullscreen

[Account] Region=EUW Your country
BuyBoost=false if you want to buy IP boosts

[Other] ChampionPick=ashe The champ that you will use
Spell1=Barrier Your spells

For the file “accounts.txt”, you replace what’s inside by : yourusername|yourpassword|themap



  • Check that your scripts are checked
  • Check your settings in “accounts.txt” and “config.ini”
  • Start “Volibot.exe” and you will get something like this :

result on volibot

Then the game will start minimized. You just have to mute the sound and do other stuff while your xp bot works 🙂 Unfortunately you can’t play in the same time because it uses the client already.

A result of 3 hours of farm :

result of farm



False donation twitch tv

False donation twitch

Greetings! You've probably heard of the Amhai case, with the false donation twitch €69 000 at Liberty.

This event made a lot of noise on the Web, there has been a lot of rumors on this subject. Some people talk about stolen credit cards, other speak fault on twitch, or even that Liberty would be the author (indirect or not) of these donations to talk about him.

false donation twitch
false donation twitch

This case has not yet been resolved, at least not in full, how is it that the streamers continue to receive false huge donations without explanation?

I have the answer to this question, indeed, some days ago in youtube surfing I stumbled on this video:

In this video we see "iNexus_Ninja" (which is apparently french?) do, live, a false donation of $ 3000 to the streamer sodapoppin through a site that allows to make false donations on twitch.tv

The comments of this video looked a legitimate (although shared when the nature of the video content), so I followed the instructions and I tested it on the twitch of a friend channel (while warning in advance, of course), and to my surprise, the 'false' EUR 500 I gave are displayed on the stream of my friend in question.

That calls into question all these stories of false donations on twitch.tv is it just a new way to gain popularity on the streaming platform? Or it is paranoia?

In any case, here's a brief tutorial to explain how the site works (because it is in English):

  1. Enter the url of the person you want to make a false donation ("https://www.twitch.tv/pseudo"), if you comply with the syntax, it will not work
  2. Once the site has verified that the streameur in question has a way of donation "hackable", enter the left field the amount (in dollars) that you want to give, as well as the nickname with which you want the donation to appear
  3. Click on "Donate", wait for the website ask you a human check, validate human validation with your phone (it is possible to pay nothing with offerings to the week by sending "STOP" to the number which you mail code (I used this technique several times successfully))
  4. Wait few seconds to see your false donation appears on the stream

Here is the link to the site that allows to make false donations


I'll let you try, made you your own opinion on this subject, do not hesitate to respond to the comment section.

PS: I'm liable for your actions with this website

Egz free apk

egz free apk screenshot
egz free apk

Egz free apk

Every players nowadays are searching a unique game to play on their mobile device. Egz is one of them. Egz is an arcade game quite near a miniature golf, based on physics law, and you can find the egz free apk by reading this article.


Synopsis :

“A few seconds before the universe was created : there was nothing. Until the matter appears and starts multiplying, at the point to become the ideal environment to give life the first living beings : the Egz. In this universe in expansion, how the Egz did survive ?

More efficient than simple eggs, the Egz can jump, bounce and roll and explore the origins of the world. Help them to survive in that dangerous universe ! … But be careful ! Every shock will hurt your Egz and may result in its death and at the end of the world !

And don’t forget that you Egz may be … “special” ! ”


You need to control “eggs” (yes) and guide them through dangerous environments. You will have to guide them through 80 different levels and be careful to not break them as one little shock is enough to kill them – and generate the destruction of the world with that. Everyone count on you to maintain the universe alive in peace and harmony ! Get the free Egz apk now and enjoy the game !


Eggs is available here for 3.99€ or you can download it from here for free.


Slither io bot

slither io bot
slither io bot

Slither io bot

You may have seen them around, those slither io bot, they have that strange behaviour, you can see them going in the same direction, with the same name.

They’re actually advanced algorithms that have been coded to avoid enemies and find one player to sacrifice themself on his tail to give him more points!

Are they really working? Some of them are really bad, the bots would kill you all the time instead of trying to give you some points.

But some bots are actually really good and could make you go first of the server in a matter of minuts due to their performances!

Some slither io bot would generate 20 to 30 worms that would even try to kill the enemies that are close to you, I know, this is crazy, but why not after all.

I’ve even seen some bots building a shield around the player to protect him from the enemies, even though it could be some friends having fun on the same server (which I really hope it’s the case), I found this really awesome.

The thing with slither io bots is that it’s very different from agar io bots, bots in agar io couldn’t kill you, you’d just be on their way and eat them, but on slither io they’d kill you randomly, firstable because they’re small as fuck so it’s hard to notice them when you’re already big, but also because they won’t move like a normal player, so you can’t really anticipate their next mote!

There is a free working slither io bot that actually works pretty good if you want to give it a try, alot of slither hack are scams, so I’ll give you the link of the website that provide free bots below:


slither io bot download

Thanks for reading this and enjoy your botting session!

Best Fiends Hack

Best Fiends hack
Best Fiends hack

Best Fiends hack appeared approximatly three months after the game was launched.

Click here or on the picture below to get to the hack.

Best Fiends Hack

Hello everyone, many people have started playing the game “best fiends” since the famous youtuber pewdiepie invited his subscribers to join him on this game.

Best Fiends is a really simple game, basically your purpose is to solve puzzles by moving items around, it looks like Candy Crush in some way, you have to progress in the game through different levels, which get harder and harder.

You have six different “Fiends”

The text below is the presentation of the game:

“The little creatures of Minutia lived in peace and harmony, until the night the meteor smashed into Mount Boom! A strange force transformed the slimy Slugs who lived there into a gang of greenery-gobbling goons – and now, the Slugs captured the Best Fiends’ families!

To fight back the Slugs and free their families, the Best Fiends must go on on an adventure! Level up and discover their special powers and prepare for the mystery that awaits at Mount Boom.

To get to Mount Boom, they’ll need to become… the BEST FIENDS!”

This game is good, but you know what’s better? Hacks!

This is why you got here in the first place so I’m not gonna make you wait any longer and I will show you this video that shows how to perform hack on best fiends to get:

  • Unlimited Diamonds, Meteor Mites, Keys
  • Unlimited Moves
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlock All Fiends
  • Working on iOS and Android
Click the button or the url below or to get redirected to the hack:


download best fiends hack

Leave us a comment of what you think about the article and the hack!

We are not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, dor any damage or loss caused by this tool.

Have fun hacking!