Overwatch, a Korean charged with hack

Overwatch, a Korean charged with hack

It is an almost unbelievable but true story that came to us from ear to ear via the Reddit site. Everything revolves around Gegury, young player to Overwatch aged only 17 years old. And this gameuse it is not any, to tell the truth. After more than 400 parties under his belt, has a 6.47-foolish KDA as well as nearly 80% of victories over a total of 400 matches with Zarya. Its results quickly drew attention, and accusations of hack began to weigh on it.

A little credible qualification

After winning the qualifiers of the Nexus Cup by eliminating competitors from Fame in South Korean midfielder, the accusations came back stronger than ever topical. Two professional players were so confident that they had bet that it was only a hackeuse, putting their careers at stake. They also left the professional scene and therefore held their commitment once the denial was release.

A few days passed, and General indignation about this player became so great that Blizzard Korea eventually operate audits. A great surprise: no trace of hack or suspect game, player seemed more credible.

In the end, of the beautiful game

Better yet: the young woman aged only 17 years agreed to present streaming part where clearly appeared his hands, its keyboard and mouse. It was now obvious that the players had before their eyes was none other than a pure demonstration of skill.

Is confident about all this, Gegury admits not to know there in computer and recently, joined a team therefore announcing that it intends to engage in the professional environment and implying that she also wanted to present its parts. A pure delight for lovers of great game, this new risk of doing good!

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