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Nostale Bot


Hello everyone, today i will present a nostale bot developed in C++ that will facilitate your life in the game Nostale. Indeed, farming is always a boring thing and you don’t wanna do this all the time in order to improve your character. You just want to play once you’re full of stuff right ? Me too. So use a bot nostale to do that for you !

Video Presentation


  • Works in background
  • Speed check
  • Change the title of the window

Features – Attack

  • Use the main weapon
  • Use the secondary weapon
  • Gather objects

Features – Heal/Rest

  • Use health potion if life under X
  • Use mp potion if mana under X
  • Sit after the respawn of X hp
  • Sit automatically at X hp

Features – Auto revive

  • Auto revive after death
  • Hit if we are hit during regeneration

Features – Hotkeys

  • You can set the HP potions key
  • You can set the MP potions key

Features – Memory reading

  • HP Value reading
  • MP Value reading
  • Gold Value reading
  • Level/Job Level reading
  • Character name reading
  • MapId reading

Features – Path

  • Path on the map
  • Save/Import your path
  • Waiting time between each move

Features – Misc

  • The bot auto close if a Game Master is detected on the map (prevent ban)
  • Multi client : You can use the bot on different accounts
  • Save your settings

What’s new in 1.6 ?


  • Changed loot algorithm
  • Changed attack algorithm
  • Changed heal algoritm
  • Changed walk to mob algorithm(now it’s alg from game)
  • Changed go to drop algorithm(now it’s alg from game)


  • Added filter


  • Custom resolution added


  • Stats tab added

Download here : get hack

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