[News] A troll gives 50 000 dollars on Twitch, Paypal refuses to refund

“He was beaten at his own game” : the expression never been so actual. A “troll” working on the video games streaming platform Twitch lost 50 000 dollars playing the donation game.

Since a few months, the user called “iNexus_Ninja”, apparently from a rich family, amused himself by giving large amount of money to some streamers. He planned to be then refunded, to not lose his money. His goal was to trigger the madness of the streamer and viewers, then a feeling of treason and disgust against the whole humanity when they will see that was a fake donation.

The problem : Paypal refused to refund the troll’s donations. And the 50 000 dollars stayed so into the hands of the streamers. “iNexus_Ninja” did not choose his victims randomly. All the targeted streamers were well-known and popular on the platform. For instance : SodaPoppin, LegendaryLea, NosleepTV and Dizzykitten.

He surely didn’t know about the method to make fake donation without losing money that we explained here !

Normally, to be refunded by Paypal is easy, because the is no real object transaction. However, the troll was unlucky this time and Paypal refused.

A good lesson for that kind of trolls ? This kind of donation is quite common on Twitch and creates more and more mistrust from streamers about “big donations”


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