Minecraft hack – The ultimate Guide

minecraft-headerMinecraft hack: the ultimate guide

"Hacker" a game, this is the ultimate goal of any cheater. The feeling of power that this provides is another way to enjoy the fun of the game. Cheat, is not to be null. Cheat, is to approach the game in a whole new light. This is why this guide will aim not to teach you how to play Minecraft, but well you learn to hack minecraft.

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This guide is intended for all players, experienced or not, and is designed to guide you through the process of hack. It will be divided into different parts of the less powerful minecraft at the most powerful hack (still in my opinion).

#1: The cheat into the game


Simple but not enough

A first way to cheat in the game is on to use pre-built game commands. This is very effective to engage quickly in the game. Unfortunately these commands are usable in solo mode… This will limit on their usefulness! In addition these are especially administration commands more pure cheating. Note still the two commands in my opinion the most interesting for the hack: /give and /tp.

The first allows to give us items like the latest armor in diamond or the best potion of the game, and /tp allows us to warp our character or any other entity at the other end of the map.


Start your Minecraft client and create a new world in solo mode.

minecraft hack

Make sure to activate the cheats by putting "Allow Cheats" (allow cheats) on "ON".

Now you just have to press "T" to open the chat and have fun with different commands available. Here, / time set 0 will change the current weather for a great Sun!

For a list of available commands I invite you to take a look at this list.

#2: Cheat Engine – the reference

minecraft castle

Speed hack and memory hack will be your assets

Cheat Engine is a well known cheaters allowing you to search and change the values in memory of your running processes. You have 2 diamonds? Locate the 2 value in the memory of the minecraft process and change in 50 and you'll now 50 diamonds!

First download the cheat engine from the official site. You should know that Cheat Engine allows you to lots of potential cheats, solo, but also in multiplayer. Indeed, although it is likely that the multiplication of diamonds is countered on most multiplayer servers, there are so many opportunities that it is impossible for an anti-cheat to counter them all.

You can thus:

  • Jump to infinity (and therefore more or less fly)
  • Have an infinite number of life points
  • Modify your sword for it One Shot no matter what enemy
  • Move 2, 3, 10 times faster.
  • And much more!

Simply find the value of the function you want to change in game and modify. You do not believe me? Here is proof:

And you can find others on youtube or test yourself even!

Cheat Engine has more a speed hack of the simplest to use.

speed hack

Check the box "Enable speedhack", change the speed and click "Apply". Attention however, although it is possible on CheatEngine to go up to 500 times faster, I advise against it because you will be out of sync from the server / this crash the game / it's unplayable. A value of 10 already requires a good practice to master, a value of 2 is the most reliable to do not detect any keeping a pretty big advantage.

  • Jump infinite/Vol: be on the ground and go to Cheat Engine. Look for the value "65537" (4 bytes). Then you must be in the air and enter "1" value, and click "Next scan". You must be in the air when you click next scan so solo, jump directly press ESC to pause the game and multiplayer jump from a high cliff (in water, to not kill you) and be quick! Then get on the ground and are again looking for the value "65537". Repeat up to let a single address that changes value whenever you jump. Freezez this address value 65537 and you now have the infinite jump!
  • Walkspeed hack: change the type of value in "double" and use "rounded (default)". Scan the value "0.100" and use a potion of speed or slowness. For the speed potions I look 0.120, speed II, 0.140. To the potions of slow, look for the value 0.085. Drink milk or wait that the potion expires, again looking 0.100. Repeat until there is only 1 or 2 addresses (it comes often to the second). Freezez value to "0.200" or + and you are gone!

#3: Use a hacked client

minecraft sunset

The most reliable and the most effective in the long term

Although CheatEngine is very powerful, it is a bit cumbersome to use consistently. Always keep up-to-date values, search, try again, in short, is not the ideal for who wants to hack minecraft in a timely manner without taking too much head.

That is why some people have created clients hacked, ie. modified minecraft clients that already include the cheats & hacks that they do remain you more than to activate.

Hunizu: A simple hack


Hunizu is a client hacked minecraft based on the events of the original client to perform its actions. It very easy to use and is suitable for beginners in minecraft hack.

  • XRay
  • Nuker
  • Chest ESP
  • ESP
  • Trace
  • Anti Knockback
  • Auto Soup
  • Prediction of projectiles
  • Fly
  • Sneak
  • Speed mine
  • NoFall

Download Hunizu

Worst: the complete hack

Wurst minecraft

Client hacked Worst unquestionably the best hack minecraft of the moment, and this since version 1.7.2. Developed by Alexander, it includes a lot of features.

  • Nuker: Destroyed the blocks around you. Modes: Normal, ID, Flat (the Flat mode destroyed only the blocks above your feet)
  • Overlay: Displays the nuker animation when you undermine a block
  • Panic: Disables all active mods
  • FastEat: Yum yum eat ultra quickly.
  • Freecam: Fly outside your body
  • HighJump: Jump 6 times higher
  • Protect: Follows the nearest entity and protects it.
  • Flight: Makes you fly
  • InstantBunker: Instantly built a bunker (5 x 5 x 3 with 57 blocks) around you.
  • FastBreak: Break the blocks faster.
  • Jetpack: Skip while you are in the air, as if you had a jetpack.
  • FastPlace: Place the blocks 5 times faster
  • MobESP: See the mobs through walls.
  • AutoRespawn: Respawn automatically when you die.
  • ChestESP: Find the coffers through walls.
  • Headless: Shows you as if you had no head.
  • PlayerESP: See players through walls
  • + YesCheat: Bypass NoCheat +
  • Fullbright: See in the dark
  • Search: Helps you find specific blocks. Use *.search to specify it.
  • Sneak: Sneak automatically, all the time, everywhere.
  • Miley Cyrus: Auto Twerk
  • X – Ray: find the cellars through walls.
  • NoFall: You protected from fall damage
  • Invisibility (a.k.a. (Godmode): makes you invisible to other players.
  • AutoMine: Automatically Mine a block if you look
  • Spider: Climb the walls like a spider.
  • RemoteView: See the world from the eyes of another.
  • Criticals: Change all your shots in critical hits.
  • Jesus: Walk on water. Jesus used this hack there are ~ 2000 years.
  • ForceOP (a.k.a. (AuthMeCracker): Crack the password AuthMe for the other players. You can become OP (operator of the server) in crackant of an admin.
  • Regen: Regenerates your life 100 x faster
  • And many others…

Download Worst


In conclusion, there are many ways for you to cheat. The variety of minecraft hack is also a sign of the good health of the game, we do not cheat on a pointless game.


Disclaimer: This guide is affiliated in any way with Mojang or different hack developers present.

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