False donation twitch tv

False donation twitch

Greetings! You've probably heard of the Amhai case, with the false donation twitch €69 000 at Liberty.

This event made a lot of noise on the Web, there has been a lot of rumors on this subject. Some people talk about stolen credit cards, other speak fault on twitch, or even that Liberty would be the author (indirect or not) of these donations to talk about him.

false donation twitch
false donation twitch

This case has not yet been resolved, at least not in full, how is it that the streamers continue to receive false huge donations without explanation?

I have the answer to this question, indeed, some days ago in youtube surfing I stumbled on this video:

In this video we see "iNexus_Ninja" (which is apparently french?) do, live, a false donation of $ 3000 to the streamer sodapoppin through a site that allows to make false donations on twitch.tv

The comments of this video looked a legitimate (although shared when the nature of the video content), so I followed the instructions and I tested it on the twitch of a friend channel (while warning in advance, of course), and to my surprise, the 'false' EUR 500 I gave are displayed on the stream of my friend in question.

That calls into question all these stories of false donations on twitch.tv is it just a new way to gain popularity on the streaming platform? Or it is paranoia?

In any case, here's a brief tutorial to explain how the site works (because it is in English):

  1. Enter the url of the person you want to make a false donation ("https://www.twitch.tv/pseudo"), if you comply with the syntax, it will not work
  2. Once the site has verified that the streameur in question has a way of donation "hackable", enter the left field the amount (in dollars) that you want to give, as well as the nickname with which you want the donation to appear
  3. Click on "Donate", wait for the website ask you a human check, validate human validation with your phone (it is possible to pay nothing with offerings to the week by sending "STOP" to the number which you mail code (I used this technique several times successfully))
  4. Wait few seconds to see your false donation appears on the stream

Here is the link to the site that allows to make false donations


I'll let you try, made you your own opinion on this subject, do not hesitate to respond to the comment section.

PS: I'm liable for your actions with this website

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