Egz free apk

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egz free apk

Egz free apk

Every players nowadays are searching a unique game to play on their mobile device. Egz is one of them. Egz is an arcade game quite near a miniature golf, based on physics law, and you can find the egz free apk by reading this article.


Synopsis :

“A few seconds before the universe was created : there was nothing. Until the matter appears and starts multiplying, at the point to become the ideal environment to give life the first living beings : the Egz. In this universe in expansion, how the Egz did survive ?

More efficient than simple eggs, the Egz can jump, bounce and roll and explore the origins of the world. Help them to survive in that dangerous universe ! … But be careful ! Every shock will hurt your Egz and may result in its death and at the end of the world !

And don’t forget that you Egz may be … “special” ! ”


You need to control “eggs” (yes) and guide them through dangerous environments. You will have to guide them through 80 different levels and be careful to not break them as one little shock is enough to kill them – and generate the destruction of the world with that. Everyone count on you to maintain the universe alive in peace and harmony ! Get the free Egz apk now and enjoy the game !


Eggs is available here for 3.99€ or you can download it from here for free.


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