Dirt Inc Hack

Dirt Inc Hack, unlimited ressources!

dirt inc hack
dirt inc hack

Well hello there! Are you looking for a Dirt Inc Hack, or any type of cheat/generator?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to this website http://exploit-hack.com/dirt-inchack/, you will be able to get infinite Dirt.

How does it work, you may ask?

It’s very simple, the website opens a breach in the Google Play database, finds you and then adds the ressources to your account.

How to use the website and generate the dirts to your game?

First, remember that you need to have the game opened on your phone.

Else the website won’t be able to find it to generate the ressources on it.

First, go to the website above, and enter how much dirt & money you want to generate.

Then click on the “Generate” button.

The website will find and exploit the breach in the game’s servers.

When your account will be found, the website will ask for human verification.

It’s a way to filter the bots from the real humans using this website, preventing abuse.

Also, it takes 2 minutes of your time only.

Click on “Verify Now”, a list of offers will be presented to you.

Pick one and install & launch the app for 30 seconds at max.

The website will know you’re a human by doing this.

Once it’s done you can close the website and go back to your game and your ressources will be on your account.

That’s it, you can now enjoy having all the money & dirt you want!

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