Pokemon Go sur Pc Tutoriel

Pokemon Go sur PC, vous y croyez vous?

Moi, oui!

pokemon go sur pc
pokemon go sur pc

Pokemon go vient de sortir avant hier aux États-Unis (le 7/07/2016) et n’est pas encore disponible pour nous, les français.

Enfin ça, c’est ce que tout le monde croit! La vérité est que Pokemon Go est disponible dans le monde entier, mais qu’il n’est téléchargeable sur Google Play seulement dans les pays ou il est officiellement sortis.

Donc il est effectivement possible de s’approprier l’apk de Pokemon Go sur certains sites, mais 90% de ces sites sont des “attrape nigaud” avec soit des virus, soit un autre apk, enfin vous voyez de quoi je veux parler.

Voici une vidéo tutoriel pour que vous compreniez mieux le concept de Pokemon Go sur PC:

Dans cette vidéo mon ami explique comment jouer à Pokemon Go sur PC.

Oui, il fallait un tutoriel, parce qu’il ne suffit pas juste d’installer l’apk et ensuite pouvoir jouer directement, il y a quelque détails à savoir et d’autre outils à maîtriser.

La première chose dont vous allez avoir besoin est de l’application BluesStacks. C’est un émulateur android qui vous permettra d’utiliser des applications android sur votre ordinateur.

Télécharger Bluestacks

Pour ne rien payer sur la page de téléchargement, prenez une offre à la semaine, rentrez le code reçus par sms, et ensuite envoyez “STOP” (en majuscule, très important) au numéro qui vous a envoyé le code de confirmation. Ainsi, l’abonnement à cette offre sera immédiatement annulé et vous n’aurez pas de crédit de communication en moins.

Vous allez ensuite avoir besoin de télécharger l’APK de Pokemon Go depuis le navigateur de BlueStacks.

Télécharger Pokemon Go Apk

Et enfin, la dernière application dont vous allez avoir besoin est l’application “Fake GPS” qui permettra de “simuler” votre location à Pokemon Go et de se déplacer.

Parce que oui, vous allez pas prendre une rallonge et sortir capturer des pokemons avec votre ordinateur, soyons réaliste!

Télécharger Fake GPS

Une fois que vous avez BlueStacks d’installé et les deux applications téléchargées sur BlueStacks vous allez pouvoir lier votre compte Google au jeu Pokemon Go.

En effet ils sauvegardent vos données de jeu, et vous identifie grâce à ce compte Google donc rappelez vous de ce compte!

Vous allez avoir besoin de (comme expliqué dans la vidéo) rajouter ce compte à BlueStacks pour que, une fois Pokemon Go lancé, il vous demande de sélectionner ce compte Google.

Encore une fois, si vous changez de compte Google vous allez avoir des données de jeu différentes sur Pokemon Go, donc rappelez vous bien du compte Google que vous utilisez sur BlueStacks.

Vous allez ensuite pouvoir jouer à Pokemon Go! Félicitations!

Un dernier détail (qui est, une fois de plus, expliqué dans la vidéo youtube), vous allez devoir mettre une location sur Fake Gps (en bougeant la carte et en cliquant sur “Set Location”) pour que le fond grisâtre sur Pokemon Go soit remplacé par une carte.

Si vous n’utilisez pas Fake Gps vous ne pourrez même pas choisir votre premier Pokemon, et vous serez bloqués à jamais avec ce fond grisâtre sans pouvoir sélectionner votre premier Pokemon avec lequel vous commencerez votre aventure!

Download Pokemon GB (iOS/Android/PC)

Want to play all-new Pokemon Go on your phone but you do not know how to download? Read this guide step by step detailed for each platform to download pokemon GB.

Download pokemon GB
Download pokemon GB

Download Pokemon GB

If Pokemon GB is proposed in the United States or in Australia, currently the title is not available in Europe, nor in much of the world, including in France. This is why it is necessary to tweak it a little to be able to go hunting at the Pokémon in all tranquility.

Download Pokemon GB on Android

Download pokemon GB
Download pokemon GB

To download the application with an Android smartphone is very simple, just to have a phone with at least version 4.4 of Android.

Download Pokemon GB for Android

Once this 58 MB file is downloaded, be click accept to install applications from unknown sources, and voila!

Start you in the hunt for the Pokémon!

Download Pokemon Go on iOS (iPhone)

Download pokemon GB
Download pokemon GB

You have an Apple device and you want to play Pokemon Go? No need to panic, here's the solution:

  • Download the file by clicking on the button below
  • Go to your camera settings to trust the Editor (settings > General > profile > trust the editor)
  • The application is then able to run on the following devices: iPhone 5 / iPhone 5 c / iPhone 5 s / iPhone SE / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 s / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 s more
Download Pokemon Go to iOS

Download Pokemon GB on PC (BlueStacks)


Pokemon GB on PC, you believe you?

Me, Yes!

Pokemon GB on pc
Pokemon GB on pc

Pokemon GB comes out before yesterday to the United States (7/07/2016) and is not yet available for US, the french.

Finally, it is what everyone believes! The truth is that Pokemon GB is available worldwide, but it is downloadable on Google Play only in the countries or it is officially released.

So it is indeed possible to appropriate the apk's Pokémon Go on some sites, but 90 per cent of these sites are "nativ catcher" with viruses, either an another apk, finally you see what I mean.

Here is a video tutorial so that you better understand the concept of Pokemon GB on PC:

In this video my friend explains how to play Pokemon GB on PC.

Yes, it had a tutorial, because it is not just enough to install the apk and then be able to play directly, there are some details to see details and other tools to master.

The first thing you will need is the BluesStacks application. It is an android emulator that will allow you to use applications android on your computer.

Télécharger Bluestacks

To not pay anything on the download page, take an offer week, enter the code received by sms, and then send "STOP" (in uppercase, very important) to the number who sent you the confirmation code. Thus, the subscription for this offer will be immediately cancelled and you won't have a credit of less communication.

Next, you will need to download the APK of Pokémon Go from the BlueStacks browser.

Download Pokemon Go to iOS

And finally, the last application you will need is the "Fake GPS" application that will "simulate" your Pokemon Go rent and move.

Because Yes, you not take an extension cord and exit capture Pokémon with your computer, let's be realistic!

Télécharger Fake GPS

Once you have installed BlueStacks and both apps downloaded from BlueStacks you can link your Google account to the game Pokemon GB.

Indeed they safeguard your game data, and identifies with this Google account so you remember you this account!

You will need (as explained in the video) add this account to BlueStacks, once Pokemon GB launched, it asks you to select this Google account.

Still, if you change the Google account you will have various game data on Pokémon Go, so remember many of the Google account you use on BlueStacks.

You will then be able to play Pokemon Go! Congratulations!

One last detail (that is, once more, explained in the youtube video), you will need to put a rental on Fake Gps (moving map and by clicking on "Set Location") so that the greyish background on Pokemon GB should be replaced by a map.

If you do not use Fake Gps you can even choose your first Pokémon, and you will be blocked forever with this grayish background without being able to select your first Pokémon with which you begin your adventure!

Overwatch, a Korean charged with hack

Overwatch, a Korean charged with hack

It is an almost unbelievable but true story that came to us from ear to ear via the Reddit site. Everything revolves around Gegury, young player to Overwatch aged only 17 years old. And this gameuse it is not any, to tell the truth. After more than 400 parties under his belt, has a 6.47-foolish KDA as well as nearly 80% of victories over a total of 400 matches with Zarya. Its results quickly drew attention, and accusations of hack began to weigh on it.

A little credible qualification

After winning the qualifiers of the Nexus Cup by eliminating competitors from Fame in South Korean midfielder, the accusations came back stronger than ever topical. Two professional players were so confident that they had bet that it was only a hackeuse, putting their careers at stake. They also left the professional scene and therefore held their commitment once the denial was release.

A few days passed, and General indignation about this player became so great that Blizzard Korea eventually operate audits. A great surprise: no trace of hack or suspect game, player seemed more credible.

In the end, of the beautiful game

Better yet: the young woman aged only 17 years agreed to present streaming part where clearly appeared his hands, its keyboard and mouse. It was now obvious that the players had before their eyes was none other than a pure demonstration of skill.

Is confident about all this, Gegury admits not to know there in computer and recently, joined a team therefore announcing that it intends to engage in the professional environment and implying that she also wanted to present its parts. A pure delight for lovers of great game, this new risk of doing good!

You want to follow Gegury and discover a unique playing style? Is here!

To download a crack of Overwatch is here!

Instagram free followers

Instagram free followers

“Instagram free followers”, you’ve probably seen this term on the internet before.

instagram free followers
instagram free followers

Good afternoon/evening to all and to all!

Instagram is an application and a service for sharing photos and videos available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Mobile platforms.

But on, you already knew!

In this article I’ll show you the secret method that any celebrities/personalities use to grow their “fanbase” on instagram.

This method to get free followers on instagram, recently revealed on the deep web, I so can you share.

What are the advantages to having followers on instagram?

  • Monetize your account
  • Reach more people with the content that you put online
  • Do you know
  • And most importantly, your ego feel much better with lots of new followers all day!

Tutorial Video to use the tool:

How to have the followers?

To make this method to have followers for free, nothing more simple.

Go to this link (or click a photo), you will be redirected to an external site.

instagram free followers
instagram free followers

Enter your nickname instagram field “@username” (with or without the at sign, it works in both cases).

Put the number of followers you want, between 1 and 20,000 (you can repeat the process several times if you want more followers than 20 000).

Once that is done, click “Submit”.

I’ll try to explain to you just what made the site subsequently.

It opens up a sort of “hole” that will put your profile in front on instagram, in the photos suggested etc.

This means that the followers you earn will be indeed the real followers!

Once this action is completed, you will find yourself at the final stage which is to complete a ‘human verification’.

Nothing too nasty, as other security that this site uses to avoid abuse.

Click on “Get followers”, a pop up will then open.

On this pop up appears several options, or rather several “offers” to complete in order to prove that you are human.

Take an offer to the week (I will explain why later), enter your phone number, you will then receive a code by sms.

It is imperative to keep the sms to find out the number of the sender!

Indeed, you can cancel the subscription to the week to thus pay nothing.

For this, send “STOP” to the number who sent you the confirmation by sms code.

With this method you don’t lose credit of communication, and so you can repeat this procedure to infinity!

Once the offer is completed, the first followers begin to arrive in the next few minutes.

However, all of the followers can’t instantly (you can imagine), it can take up to a week to have 20 000 followers!

Voila, thats it for me!

Thanks for reading my article, please feel free to leave a comment!

False donation twitch tv

False donation twitch

Greetings! You've probably heard of the Amhai case, with the false donation twitch €69 000 at Liberty.

This event made a lot of noise on the Web, there has been a lot of rumors on this subject. Some people talk about stolen credit cards, other speak fault on twitch, or even that Liberty would be the author (indirect or not) of these donations to talk about him.

false donation twitch
false donation twitch

This case has not yet been resolved, at least not in full, how is it that the streamers continue to receive false huge donations without explanation?

I have the answer to this question, indeed, some days ago in youtube surfing I stumbled on this video:

In this video we see "iNexus_Ninja" (which is apparently french?) do, live, a false donation of $ 3000 to the streamer sodapoppin through a site that allows to make false donations on twitch.tv

The comments of this video looked a legitimate (although shared when the nature of the video content), so I followed the instructions and I tested it on the twitch of a friend channel (while warning in advance, of course), and to my surprise, the 'false' EUR 500 I gave are displayed on the stream of my friend in question.

That calls into question all these stories of false donations on twitch.tv is it just a new way to gain popularity on the streaming platform? Or it is paranoia?

In any case, here's a brief tutorial to explain how the site works (because it is in English):

  1. Enter the url of the person you want to make a false donation ("https://www.twitch.tv/pseudo"), if you comply with the syntax, it will not work
  2. Once the site has verified that the streameur in question has a way of donation "hackable", enter the left field the amount (in dollars) that you want to give, as well as the nickname with which you want the donation to appear
  3. Click on "Donate", wait for the website ask you a human check, validate human validation with your phone (it is possible to pay nothing with offerings to the week by sending "STOP" to the number which you mail code (I used this technique several times successfully))
  4. Wait few seconds to see your false donation appears on the stream

Here is the link to the site that allows to make false donations


I'll let you try, made you your own opinion on this subject, do not hesitate to respond to the comment section.

PS: I'm liable for your actions with this website