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Hack Clash Royale

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You may have this friend, you know, the guy who has all the cards, all the legendary and all the epic and against whom you can just… not win. Would you like to be that person? I tried from many hack Royal clash. Here are the results…SERPS hack Royal clash



As you can see, the majority of them, it's just fake for stealing money from a little too gullible people. But you're not like that, right? Finally I managed to find a functional hack. Here is the video presentation on how to get your gems using this cheat Royal clash:

The advantage of this hack is that it works 100% online so there is no risk of downloading a virus or another kind of malware as can be found everywhere. Another feature is that the process is secure. Unlike other hacks that actually generate you your resources but with whom you were banned just after (#worth), it provides only gems to the first 100 visitors of the day coupled with a human verification to prevent use by bots and be certain of the safety of the user. And that is exactly what we want, because be banned with 90 000 gems is pointless, right?

You can visit the site by clicking the usual icon:

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Egz free apk

egz free apk screenshot
egz free apk

Egz free apk

Every players nowadays are searching a unique game to play on their mobile device. Egz is one of them. Egz is an arcade game quite near a miniature golf, based on physics law, and you can find the egz free apk by reading this article.


Synopsis :

“A few seconds before the universe was created : there was nothing. Until the matter appears and starts multiplying, at the point to become the ideal environment to give life the first living beings : the Egz. In this universe in expansion, how the Egz did survive ?

More efficient than simple eggs, the Egz can jump, bounce and roll and explore the origins of the world. Help them to survive in that dangerous universe ! … But be careful ! Every shock will hurt your Egz and may result in its death and at the end of the world !

And don’t forget that you Egz may be … “special” ! ”


You need to control “eggs” (yes) and guide them through dangerous environments. You will have to guide them through 80 different levels and be careful to not break them as one little shock is enough to kill them – and generate the destruction of the world with that. Everyone count on you to maintain the universe alive in peace and harmony ! Get the free Egz apk now and enjoy the game !


Eggs is available here for 3.99€ or you can download it from here for free.


Slither io bot

slither io bot
slither io bot

Slither io bot

You may have seen them around, those slither io bot, they have that strange behaviour, you can see them going in the same direction, with the same name.

They’re actually advanced algorithms that have been coded to avoid enemies and find one player to sacrifice themself on his tail to give him more points!

Are they really working? Some of them are really bad, the bots would kill you all the time instead of trying to give you some points.

But some bots are actually really good and could make you go first of the server in a matter of minuts due to their performances!

Some slither io bot would generate 20 to 30 worms that would even try to kill the enemies that are close to you, I know, this is crazy, but why not after all.

I’ve even seen some bots building a shield around the player to protect him from the enemies, even though it could be some friends having fun on the same server (which I really hope it’s the case), I found this really awesome.

The thing with slither io bots is that it’s very different from agar io bots, bots in agar io couldn’t kill you, you’d just be on their way and eat them, but on slither io they’d kill you randomly, firstable because they’re small as fuck so it’s hard to notice them when you’re already big, but also because they won’t move like a normal player, so you can’t really anticipate their next mote!

There is a free working slither io bot that actually works pretty good if you want to give it a try, alot of slither hack are scams, so I’ll give you the link of the website that provide free bots below:


slither io bot download

Thanks for reading this and enjoy your botting session!