My opinion on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

My opinion on the Surface Pro 4 – Intel Core i5 – 4 GB of ram after 3 weeks of use.

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First, I must start by saying that I wanted a Surface Pro 4 for awhile… However, I was aiming for a 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB storage model. However, when the Amazon premium Day, I had the model specified above first online for € 800, including TypeCover… I finally fell, despite the RAM and HDD feeble in the face of my desire. However, the storage and RAM are finally not a problem. I've increased the storage of 128 GB with the Micro SD port, and in the case of saturation of the RAM, Windows uses the SSD hard drive to create a virtual RAM. Good point so…

For the rest, I'll start with the positives, and eventually the negatives…


-The screen… My God, it's sublime. You take full eyes. No doubt, we're here on a slab of quality, which also enjoys a nice screen resolution. Speaking of screen, I can evoke his touch which is very nice. And when we talk about touch, we think also finger–> the Surface Pro 4 mark mark the traces of fingers, but these are barely visible when the screen is on point so good =.

-The sound… It's like the screen–> a slap. How did put a home theater in a small space? I'm exaggerating a little, but it is true that the sound is immersive, clear, all while remaining strong, and contains low. Useful for the magical music for videos… take for example the Netflix app, watch Stranger Things in 5.1 on your Surface Pro 4… and enjoy the sound… simply!

-The stylus: useless for my use at the start… I find myself at the regularly used. It is convenient and will interface well with Windows 10. Whether the shortcuts on the upper button, the use of a strategy game no touch in Tablet (type Rimworld or Prison Architect) mode, or to take notes / make the Photoshop / etc… the latter is handy. The icing on the cake: the pen is always 100% autonomy, and those after 3 weeks, despite a permanent connection (H24) to my Surface Pro 4.

-The keyboard (Type Cover 4): I got it with the Tablet, so let me try him here. I was afraid of the keyboard, to tell the truth you. But in reality, the latter is very rigid and pleasant to type, like to the touch. The backlit keys are a great addition, and the size of the touch pad (of the mouse) is very nice.

-The Windows 10 system: a system that adapts as well to the touch than the mouse. Passage of the tablet to the PC mode very easy mode (and vice versa). I applications need me in the Store and for a few exceptions, I thank him let it be a real computer–> I have a true Photoshop, I can play a Rimworld or Prison Architect on it, I have a genuine Microsoft Office and I can even make the system with HyperV virtualization.

-Extras: Wireless, Miracast, charger magnetized, etc… a real treat ^^

Points neither positive, nor negative points…

-Fan: so yes, it's still a real computer with a processor Intel inside. So there is a fan (because Intel Core i5) but the latter turn that rarely (where less, than the noise level). In the apps from the store, nothing to say… It does not heat. In software x 86, I hear it blow when big software types Photoshop use, or even video games (logic). The fan is not for particularly loud or silent… When he needs to vent, we hear, but way similarly moderate.

-Windows Hello: I have 2 opinion on it. August 2, 2016, a major update of Windows 10 will be provided, greatly improving Windows Hello. I tested Windows Hello on the current update (Threshold 2) and the future (Redstone) update.
Threshold 2, Windows Hello is a disaster (for me): recognize face sensor and unlocks so no problem my device without entering password (because Yes, it is the purpose of Windows Hello). However, the sensor does not turn off after this step. Suddenly, it runs continuously, creating a significant heating and trained so the start-up of the fan.
with the Redstone update coming on 2 August 2016: this bug is fixed, and the sensor starts up and goes out when it does. The recognition is even more fast and functional… so, nothing to say.

-Autonomy: neither good, nor bad… It takes 7 hours in normal use. Laptop does no better on this size / weight. Negative: because we would like more (as always), and positive, because it's all the same beautiful in this product size.

Negative points

-The Windows 10 PROVIDES system / PRE-LOAD with…
Yes, I said good to the system earlier, but I still struggled with my Pro 4 Surface during the reception. It was yet delivered on a version almost a Treshold 2 day… but the system was completely bugged. Despite the updates, unable to open apps from the store. The Tablet / PC crash constantly, the Bluetooh wireless connection also… a real ordeal.
I was so launch system restore includes the latter, who has totally removed the Windows boot, with a permanent block has 11% (or 7%, I don't remember) when restoring.
Finally, I solved the problem by retrieving the image of restaurant on the site of Microsoft Surface…
Since then, no more worries… but it is not normal to have to do it with a product of this value. Isolated case? I doubt it, because some evidence that some people have had the same problem as me… the essential is that the latter is not hardware, but good software–> so we can fix it, if it is y knows a little.

Balance sheet

In short, apart from a chaotic start (for me): I love this device, system, etc…
In addition, the system greatly improves stability with the Redstone (from August 2, 2016) update, making this even more enjoyable to use Surface Pro 4.
Rest the side fan, always present (thanks Intel) but necessary that tell when we want power (otherwise, there's the Intel Core M for it).
The Surface Pro 4 has managed to replace my computer home Tower… and how wonderful to not have cable, but a single machine / a concentrate of technology bringing together all 😀

In short, a good 4 out of 5 for this Microsoft Surface Pro 4!
A great product (after a relocation before use ^^).

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