Dirt Inc Hack

dirt inc hack
dirt inc hack

Dirt inc hack

Hello everyone! If you’ve been searching for a Dirt Inc hack, you’ve come to the right place.

As I’m writing this article, this game is pretty new.

It’s been released for less than a month.

Yet, it has become popular pretty quick!

It already has between 1 000 000 and 5 000 000 installations, and more than 30 000 reviews on it.

The purpose of the game is simple, it’s a basic clicker game, in which you have to tap your screen to get dirt.

The dirt can be sold in money, and the more you dig, the more you can buy new feature to make your work easier and get richer and richer!

It take some time to get started, this is why I’m gonna tell you about a hack.

Indeed, there are some security failures in this game (which occur in most games).

It is actually possible to modify some values in game to what you want.

For example, take the chests, which are the most interesting items in the game.

You’re supposed to unlock those chests randomly through the game, but what if you could generate thousands?

You would get alot of bonuses, new items and infinite dirt!

But you can also directly change your amount of dirt, if you want to upgrade everything to maximum.

This is a video tutorial on how to use the hack:

This is the link of the website on which you can use the hack.


Be carefull : The game has to be launched when you generate the ressources on the website!

If you’re too lazy to watch the video tutorial, here is what you need to do.

First, launch the game.

Then, go to the website.

After that, generate your amount of chests/money (do not exceed 9999 chests).

A list of offers will be displayed to you, launch and install an app in the list

You’re finished! Go back to Dirt Inc and you should see your ressources go up!

Mon avis sur la MAXOfit Longboard n71

Lien amazon : http://amzn.to/2mwc7UN


J’ai récemment voulu m’essayer à la longboard. En effet celle-ci permet de gagner du temps sur les petits trajets du quotidien tout en s’adonnant au plaisir de la glisse. J’ai donc recherché une planche adaptée pour mon style de glisse de débutant et j’ai trouvé la Maxofit longboard.

Voici ces caractéristiques :

MAXOfit® Deluxe Longboard Florida Cruise No.71, Drop Through, 107 cm, 5 maple, ABEC11
Le MAXOfit® Deluxe Longboard Florida Cruise No.71 est une Cruiser particulièrement varié qui montre le bambou, Flex merveilleusement agréable en raison de seulement 5 couches de haute qualité. C’est pourquoi, il est le Board parfait pour des débutants et réussis l’envie sur cruisen avec des turns riche en action. Les axes placés de maniére opposée (des revers Kingpin) s’occupent de l’agilité et de la mobilité. Le moyen à 80A rôles durs, en combinaison avec 70 mm de largeur de rôles étroite, rendent le Board rapide et dynamique.

Fabricant: MAXOfit
Genre de construction: Drop Through
Construction: 5 couches bamboo
Masse: 107 cm de longer et 25 cm de larger (42×9,5)
Matérial Griptape: surface ferme contre le glissment
Largeur de l’axe: 177 mm
Diamètre des roles: 70 mm
Largeur des roles: 51 mm
Degré de dureté des roles: 80 A
Roulement à billes: ABEC 11

Pour le coup je suis très satisfait de mon achat et je vous le recommande donc vivement si vous désirez vous essayer au skate !

How to get Tinder more free, big need!

More free Tinder

If you're like me, you use tinder. Don't be ashamed it's normal to want to score. But pay for a dating app, on the other hand, means it nothing? So open your ears, because I found a trick to get Tinder more free!

More free Tinder
More free Tinder

Tinder is a dating app which is booming, in fact, even after its explosion between 2014 and 2015, the application continues to rise.

Regarded as revolutionary, this dating app currently has almost 100 million users, and its concept is still considered one of the best in the industry of meeting applications, by its simplicity, and its effectiveness in finding the soul sister, or sometimes, a plan of one night.

Although we like the free version, the limit of 200 daily likes is pretty frustrating, we would like to see all women/men of our region, which is impossible with only 200 likes per day.

It is for this reason I'll explain this trick to get Tinder more free!

The first step is to go to this site: http://free-generator.000webhostapp.com/tinderplus/

Once this is done, you must return your Tinder username, or even your email that you use when you connect to Facebook. (if you do not connect to Tinder with Facebook, put your username)

More free Tinder
More free Tinder

Then select your platform, that is to say the platform on which Tinder is installed.

You can then choose the length of the Tinder Plus subscription you want. Put a year if you do not have to redo the entire procedure all X months.

Once you put the subscription time more Tinder as well as your user name, click on "Generate". A console should appear and start the exploitation of the flaw.

This is the last step, the human verification, I know that many of you are going to get angry but imagine that people start to unlock Tinder more mass, the site would be drowned under the traffic.

Click on "Validate", a list of offer should appear on your browser. Pick one of your choice, personally I'll take the first every time. Enter your phone number, you will receive a code, enter the code and complete the offer.

Now, very IMPORTANT! Send "STOP" (Yes, in capital letters), to the number who sent you the code. In this way you will not be charged from your call credit, and you can even repeat the operation as many times as possible.

My opinion on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

My opinion on the Surface Pro 4 – Intel Core i5 – 4 GB of ram after 3 weeks of use.

Amazon link: http://amzn.to/2gZ4i77

First, I must start by saying that I wanted a Surface Pro 4 for awhile… However, I was aiming for a 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB storage model. However, when the Amazon premium Day, I had the model specified above first online for € 800, including TypeCover… I finally fell, despite the RAM and HDD feeble in the face of my desire. However, the storage and RAM are finally not a problem. I've increased the storage of 128 GB with the Micro SD port, and in the case of saturation of the RAM, Windows uses the SSD hard drive to create a virtual RAM. Good point so…

For the rest, I'll start with the positives, and eventually the negatives…


-The screen… My God, it's sublime. You take full eyes. No doubt, we're here on a slab of quality, which also enjoys a nice screen resolution. Speaking of screen, I can evoke his touch which is very nice. And when we talk about touch, we think also finger–> the Surface Pro 4 mark mark the traces of fingers, but these are barely visible when the screen is on point so good =.

-The sound… It's like the screen–> a slap. How did put a home theater in a small space? I'm exaggerating a little, but it is true that the sound is immersive, clear, all while remaining strong, and contains low. Useful for the magical music for videos… take for example the Netflix app, watch Stranger Things in 5.1 on your Surface Pro 4… and enjoy the sound… simply!

-The stylus: useless for my use at the start… I find myself at the regularly used. It is convenient and will interface well with Windows 10. Whether the shortcuts on the upper button, the use of a strategy game no touch in Tablet (type Rimworld or Prison Architect) mode, or to take notes / make the Photoshop / etc… the latter is handy. The icing on the cake: the pen is always 100% autonomy, and those after 3 weeks, despite a permanent connection (H24) to my Surface Pro 4.

-The keyboard (Type Cover 4): I got it with the Tablet, so let me try him here. I was afraid of the keyboard, to tell the truth you. But in reality, the latter is very rigid and pleasant to type, like to the touch. The backlit keys are a great addition, and the size of the touch pad (of the mouse) is very nice.

-The Windows 10 system: a system that adapts as well to the touch than the mouse. Passage of the tablet to the PC mode very easy mode (and vice versa). I applications need me in the Store and for a few exceptions, I thank him let it be a real computer–> I have a true Photoshop, I can play a Rimworld or Prison Architect on it, I have a genuine Microsoft Office and I can even make the system with HyperV virtualization.

-Extras: Wireless, Miracast, charger magnetized, etc… a real treat ^^

Points neither positive, nor negative points…

-Fan: so yes, it's still a real computer with a processor Intel inside. So there is a fan (because Intel Core i5) but the latter turn that rarely (where less, than the noise level). In the apps from the store, nothing to say… It does not heat. In software x 86, I hear it blow when big software types Photoshop use, or even video games (logic). The fan is not for particularly loud or silent… When he needs to vent, we hear, but way similarly moderate.

-Windows Hello: I have 2 opinion on it. August 2, 2016, a major update of Windows 10 will be provided, greatly improving Windows Hello. I tested Windows Hello on the current update (Threshold 2) and the future (Redstone) update.
Threshold 2, Windows Hello is a disaster (for me): recognize face sensor and unlocks so no problem my device without entering password (because Yes, it is the purpose of Windows Hello). However, the sensor does not turn off after this step. Suddenly, it runs continuously, creating a significant heating and trained so the start-up of the fan.
with the Redstone update coming on 2 August 2016: this bug is fixed, and the sensor starts up and goes out when it does. The recognition is even more fast and functional… so, nothing to say.

-Autonomy: neither good, nor bad… It takes 7 hours in normal use. Laptop does no better on this size / weight. Negative: because we would like more (as always), and positive, because it's all the same beautiful in this product size.

Negative points

-The Windows 10 PROVIDES system / PRE-LOAD with…
Yes, I said good to the system earlier, but I still struggled with my Pro 4 Surface during the reception. It was yet delivered on a version almost a Treshold 2 day… but the system was completely bugged. Despite the updates, unable to open apps from the store. The Tablet / PC crash constantly, the Bluetooh wireless connection also… a real ordeal.
I was so launch system restore includes the latter, who has totally removed the Windows boot, with a permanent block has 11% (or 7%, I don't remember) when restoring.
Finally, I solved the problem by retrieving the image of restaurant on the site of Microsoft Surface…
Since then, no more worries… but it is not normal to have to do it with a product of this value. Isolated case? I doubt it, because some evidence that some people have had the same problem as me… the essential is that the latter is not hardware, but good software–> so we can fix it, if it is y knows a little.

Balance sheet

In short, apart from a chaotic start (for me): I love this device, system, etc…
In addition, the system greatly improves stability with the Redstone (from August 2, 2016) update, making this even more enjoyable to use Surface Pro 4.
Rest the side fan, always present (thanks Intel) but necessary that tell when we want power (otherwise, there's the Intel Core M for it).
The Surface Pro 4 has managed to replace my computer home Tower… and how wonderful to not have cable, but a single machine / a concentrate of technology bringing together all 😀

In short, a good 4 out of 5 for this Microsoft Surface Pro 4!
A great product (after a relocation before use ^^).

Pewdiepie tuber simulator hack

Pewdiepie tuber simulator hack
Pewdiepie tuber simulator hack

Pewdiepie tuber simulator hack

Pewdiepie tuber simulator hack

Pewdiepie tuber simulator just came out! It’s the game produced by Outermind (the creators of the game “Legend of the brofist”), and with Pewdiepie, the biggest youtuber on earth, which gives his voice and is the main character of both games.

In the video below you will find my tutorial and proof with my Pewdiepie tuber simulator hack, basically as far as I’ve searched, there are no possible way to modify the game values by scanning their adress and modifying it, but I came to another conclusion, speed hack!

Indeed speed hacking is a bit violent to hack a game, but in the specific case of Pewdiepie tuber simulator, I discovered that there are the “streams” rewards, basically if you play the game for few days you’ll find those, and the rewards are subs, bux, and views.

So if you do this method long enough you will basically get unlimited bux!

The video I have recorded is long, you’ll notice that, but I wanted to give you a solid proof that it was legit, and how fast I could progress in the game in only 25 minuts.

Which I did! In the end of the video I have a total of 3M+ views, 16 335 subs and earned more than 200 coins without spending a penny.

Pewdiepie tuber simulator hack
Pewdiepie tuber simulator hack
How to hack Pewdiepie tuber simulator

So if you’re too lazy to watch the video or retarded, here is a written tutorial to explain the steps one by one on how to hack Pewdiepie tuber simulator.

Firstable you will need the application GameGuardian which you can download by clicking here.

Then you’ll have to launch the game Pewdiepie tuber simulator, and click on the little GameGuardian icon, select the game, then create a video in the game, and while it’s creating the video, keep your finger pushed on the GameGuardian icon until the arrows appears. Quickly speed up the time of the game by clicking the right arrows (>>) and that’s it!

Some few tips you would like to know:
  • Don’t go above x10 000 speed or your phone will explode
  • The right speed to get bux by streaming is x10 000 speed
  • As the hack speeds up the game, it will consume your battery faster, you’re warned!
  • If the video creator panel is stuck, you’re fucked, and you will have to delete the game data (you can do that in the setting panel of your android device)